MC WHEELS Biography

'MC Wheels' is more than a passionate Australian Rapper with catchy rhymes, on point delivery and beats to match. He is a real life hero and inspiration to a generation with a story that will uplift anyone.

Out of the darkness comes a story of human bravery, honesty and compassion that reminds us of our own humanity and of what is really important in our lives.

'MC Wheels' aka Nathan Tessman is a young rapper who has a rare condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy with Respiratory Distress Type 1 (SMARD 1), which severely affects his ability to perform everyday actions that we all take for granted. Nathan’s condition has no cure, so his future is uncertain and unpredictable.

His dream is to become a recognised hip-hop artist and to be a voice for all people that have a dream. Nathan is not one to give up easily and he is determined to get the best out of life. His dream of becoming a respected hip-hop artist is not just about creating a career for himself - his desire is to become a voice for the disabled community and an inspiration to his fellow man….

When Roger and Lenny from Live Life Productions met Nathan they knew that this very special young man had an incredible story of strength and courage to be told and have been filming his journey from his first forays into performing to recording in the studio. “One Shot – The Story of MC Wheels” has been produced and follows Nathan's journey through everyday life. It shows the amazing support he has from family and friends and highlights the relationships that he's have developed throughout his journey and the infectious inspiration for life that Nathan has to offer in return.

'MC Wheels' has performed live around Queensland including a special main stage performance at Sprung Festival at RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane, and support slots for Joelistics and Evil Eddie. Several 'MC Wheels' songs have been included in the soundtrack for upcoming Australian film “Ryder Country”.

There are no signs of slowing down as 'MC Wheels' prepares to release his newest album in August 2021 and after the great success of his other albums, "Dark Side of Happiness" and "My Introduction." Nathan will be performing his new album at a launch party to be announced as well as continuing his many tours around the music scene on the East Coast of Australia.

Words from the wise...

"Nathan Tessman aka MC Wheels uses music to get him through the tough times..." - Charlie Pickering
"Rap's all about attitude, and that kid's got attitude"  - Dave Hughes
- The Project, Network Ten

"MC Wheels aka Nathan Tessman is a Sunshine Coast hip hop artist who uses his art to inspire others..."
— ABC Coast FM radio interview

"Sunshine Coast teenager Nathan Tessman is making a name for himself as MC Wheels, using his guiding light of hip hop to help guide others. Benny Doyle is introduced to an inspiring young man..."
— Ben Doyle, Time Off Magazine, Brisbane

"A sunshine coast teenagers bid to become Australia's first disabled rap star. Writing & rapping has given him hope for the future..."
— Channel 10 News, Network Ten AU

"In a very short period of time MC Wheels has achieved so much..."
— Scope Magazine, Sunshine Coast AU

"Nathan Tessman aka MC Wheels raps to keep the blues at bay"
— Courier Mail, Brisbane AU